Specialister på kvalitativa undersökningar

Visus – qualitative research specialists

Our expertise is qualitative market research and consultancy assignments with a focus on in-depth analysis to enable efficient decision making in your business. Our considerable knowledge and experience within the market research area enables us to adapt to your specific needs and requirements.  This approach is essential for a successful market research project and is a fundamental to the business ethos of Visus.

A wide range of commissions

Visus has got a flexible approach and our assignments vary from everyday commodities to technical products and services, both B2B and B2C.

We can provide a wide range of options for your business, which will ensure that all your needs are met. Our working methods primarily comprise of focus groups and in-depth interviews, although we also carry out specific “shopper interviews” for the retail industry, as well as “in-depth telephone interviews” in various business areas.

Some examples of market research areas wich we cover:

Target group analysis and attitude surveys

Service, product and concept development

”Consumer insight” research

Communications and advertising testing

Brand research

Segmentation research

Concept testing

Design and label testing

Evaluation of websites, internet services etc from a user point of view

Visus Market Research also co-ordinate international research projects. We have an established framework of research companies in Scandinavia which we can call upon in order to deliver our services. We are members of ESOMAR.